Silver Saddle Ranch - The Plus Advantage


The Best of Both Worlds

Plus+ is what makes this a truly one-of-a-kind real estate opportunity. Located in the center of The Galileo Project is the Silver Saddle Ranch and Club; the Antelope Valley’s only western style getaway and destination resort.

Included in your investment is a continuing membership in Silver Saddle as well as unlimited use of its almost 4,000 worldwide affiliated resorts.

Plus+ also includes an added Bonus guaranteeing to you the exclusive ownership right to the entire Silver Saddle Resort, its real estate, operations and total cash flow.

Plus+ also provides that investors will contribute, own and control what is projected to be over $3 Million in the real estate development account by 2018 to be used for the financing of approved LandBanking Plus+ commercial or industrial projects.

Note: The development account is investor’s money and belongs entirely to you, the investor!

  • Safety and Leverage
  • The pooling of Small Investment Dollars from many like minded people to own and control an incredibly Large Piece of Prime Real Estate (Limited to 4,000 Units)

  • Rewards
  • Safety, Financial Strength, Growth, Personal Involvement and Opportunity

  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Combine the pleasure and prestige of resort membership at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club, including access to over 4,000 resorts worldwide, with the group purchasing power of LandBanking Plus+ and The Galileo Project's commercial & industrial development.


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    California City, California