Growth around Silver Saddle Ranch

Area Development

Kern County & California City Development

Silver Saddle Ranch and the Galileo Project are located in Kern County, and Kern County is Growing Fast! The Governor has made Clean Energy a top priority and the majority of those projects are coming to Kern County. California City is a hub for this activity and has the room for growth that incoming companies need.

Companies in Kern County

A few of the companies who have chosen to move into Kern County...and more are coming!

Citibank General Electric Barclays Capital
Credit Suisse Mitsubishi UFJ Securities
ING Capital Credit Agricole Securities Terra Gen Power
Hyundai Motor Car So. California Edison Google
Rabo Securities MUFG Power & Utility Rabobank
Vestas Energy Bank of Montreal Virgin Galactic
StratoLaunch Rocket Propulsion Corp. EnXco
Flight Research Inc. Flight Test Associates Scaled Composites
The Space Ship Co. Fire Star Technologies Xcor Aerospace
BAE Systems National Test Pilot School Siemens

What is Next?

Silver Saddle Ranch offers a beautiful resort base making it an ideal location around which to pursue the future development that this area sees coming. The LandBanking opportunity being offered represents an exceptional opportunity for the small investor to get in on the ground-floor of this project.

LandBanking at Silver Saddle Ranch


Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
California City, California